Executive pay

Morrisons £10 an hour pay deal is first for UK supermarket

Supermarket chain Morrisons has promised to pay staff a minimum of £10 an hour in a new pay deal that...

‘Aggressive’ tactics used to ditch senior execs who are working at home

8 Jan 2021

Some employers in sectors badly effected by the pandemic have resorted to aggressive tactics with the aim of cutting senior...

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Safety and reward top priorities during Covid-19 recovery

7 Jan 2021

Employee safety, reward and recognition are set to be employers’ top areas of focus as they recover from the Covid-19...

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Executive pay: financial incentives damage long-term profits

6 Jan 2021

The more focus companies put on financial incentives for CEOs’ bonuses, the worse the firm’s commercial performance, according to a...

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FTSE 100 CEOs earn average annual wage in just 34 hours

6 Jan 2021

The median FTSE 100 CEO’s earnings will surpass that of the median annual wage for a full-time worker in the...

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Bonuses in the Covid-19 era: pushing the boundaries

22 Dec 2020

Changes to bonuses, as businesses are impacted by the pandemic and Brexit crises, could well lead to tensions and legal cases.

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Average FTSE 350 CEO earns 53 times more than median employee

16 Dec 2020

The average FTSE 350 CEO is paid 53 times more than their average employee, analysis of executive pay ratio reports...

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Third of FTSE 100 firms use employee metrics to calculate CEO bonuses

4 Dec 2020

Just 34% of FTSE 100 organisations use employee-related metrics when calculating executives' performance-related pay.

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Will the pandemic trigger more transparency on pay?

3 Dec 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered employers’ relationships with their workers in a number of ways, with increased trust and honesty...

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New Lloyds Bank boss to be paid up to £5.5m

1 Dec 2020

Lloyds Banking Group's new boss will be paid up to £5.5m in annual pay and bonuses – about a fifth less than his predecessor.

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Disney to axe 32,000 jobs as theme parks reel from Covid

26 Nov 2020

The company had already announced 28,000 job cuts in September as its theme parks and cruises reel from the pandemic.

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Executive pensions face tighter clampdown from investors

17 Nov 2020

Investors are clamping down further on executive pensions after the Investment Association updated its pay guidelines for companies.
Board directors...

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CIPD ACE: Focus on listening skills to encourage ‘speak up’ culture

12 Nov 2020

To create a true ‘speak up’ culture, organisations need to stop trying to fix individuals’ behaviours and focus on how...

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Senior partner criticises high pay for new lawyers

23 Oct 2020

Senior partner at Pinsent Masons Richard Foley says six-figure salaries for newly qualified lawyers are unsustainable.

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The impact of Covid-19 on senior executives’ contracts

20 Oct 2020

Senior executives' relationship with new employers is changing as they look to safeguard their positions against a background of instability.

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