ReimagineHR: Expect a new employment deal post-Covid, says Gartner

Employees’ capacity to deal with change is around half what it was in 2019.

City traders working from home must be monitored

13 Oct 2020

A City watchdog has warned financial services firms that it expects them to have updated their policies, refreshed their training...

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Febrile mood will lead to sackings, whistleblowing and disputes

7 Oct 2020

As the UK heads into a worrying winter, Charlie Thompson examines the risks for senior teams as they manage the...

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MPs to investigate UK firms’ links with Chinese exploitation of Uyghurs

18 Sep 2020

Clothing brands and government to be investigated by MPs over links with exploitation of oppressed people in China.

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Time to consider the impact of remote working on local economies?

26 Aug 2020

The city centre businesses that once relied on the passing trade of office workers are under threat as business districts...

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Furlough fraud soars as job retention bonus details released

5 Aug 2020

The number of reports of furlough fraud made to HM Revenue and Customs rose by more than half between the...

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The next ethical dilemma: do we pay back furlough?

21 Jul 2020

Firms like Asos, Taylor Wimpey, Ikea are repaying furlough money, while others, such as Primark and Rightmove, say they will not take up the job retention bonus. What's their motivation?

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Bias behind failure to select women for FTSE boards revealed

3 Jul 2020

Flawed selection procedures and entrenched bias are combining to minimise the numbers of women on FTSE company boards...

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Reducing CEO pay ‘would fund significant pay rises for low earners’

29 Jun 2020

Reducing top executives’ pay by 3% could fund a median pay rise of £2k for FTSE 350 companies’ lowest earners.

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Pandemic risk poses major questions of commercial property market

25 Jun 2020

Demand for office space in skyscrapers plummets as crowded lifts consigned to the past.

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Lloyd's of London

Lloyd’s of London and Greene King sorry for historical slavery links

18 Jun 2020

Two major employers have apologised for their historical links to the slave trade and promised to donate to charities representing...

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BNY Mellon

US banking whistleblower is awarded $50m

8 Jun 2020

UK finance sector given pause for thought by huge US whistleblower payout.

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Covid-19 recovery: Employer brands will require ‘seismic shift’

3 Jun 2020

How employers have treated their staff during the Covid-19 crisis will be the ‘acid test’ for candidates considering whether to...

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Returning to work safely: your brand is at stake

28 May 2020

'We are seeing leaders rushing to get employees back into the office based on misguided notions that remote workers are less productive, less engaged and less cooperative.'

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Is coronavirus the ultimate test in ethical leadership for HR?

27 May 2020

Whether it’s furlough or free healthcare, companies’ actions during the coronavirus have come under greater scrutiny than ever. Will the...

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