Obesity and the workplace: a focus on fattism and weight discrimination

One in three people could be obese by 2010As well as a greater susceptibility to illnesses such as heart disease, cancer and depression, severely overweight people face a raft of challenges – one of which is discrimination in the workplace.

This page aims to provide everything you need to know about obesity and the workplace, on personneltoday.com and beyond.


Recent articles published on Personneltoday.com on obesity and the workplace

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Recent articles published on the web on obesity and the workplace

Health & Safety Executive – Horizon Scanning Intelligence Group’s short report on obesity as a workplace issue (PDF)

Is weight the new race? (The Observer, 6 July 2006)


Useful web sites

Department of Health – Obesity

Department of Health – Obesity statistics

NHS Information Centre – Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet

World Health Organization – Obesity in Europe

The Obesity Awareness & Solutions Trust


Weight Concern

Weight Loss Resources

Wellcome Trust – Stereotyping and fattism


Blog postings on obesity and the workplace

The Primate Journal – Fat guy sues Air France for fattism

JobXpresso – Employers can refuse overweight staff

Cognitive Daily: Obesity and discrimination


Relevant books from Amazon

The Obesity Epidemic: Science, Morality and Ideology (Paperback) by Paul F. Campos (Foreword), Jan Wright (Author), Michael Gard (Author).

Tipping the Scales of Justice: Fighting Weight-Based Discrimination by Sondra Solovay (Paperback).

Weight Bias (Hardback) by Kelly D. Brownell (Editor), Leslie Rudd (Editor), Marlene B. Schwartz (Editor), Rebecca M. Puhl (Editor).

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