One in three managers seeks professional mental health support


More than a third of managers at UK businesses have sought professional mental health support in the past year, with many claiming the last 12 months had been the hardest of their careers.

Some 37% of managers who took part in a survey commissioned by financial comparison platform NerdWallet admitted they had sought professional help to cope with the mental pressures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Almost half (45%) had lost sleep over business decisions they have had to make. Fifty-six per cent have had to furlough employees and 44% have had to make redundancies.

Half (49%) of the 908 managers polled had felt isolated and alone and 52% admitted their personal relationships had suffered due to work-related stress.

“The pandemic has taken a huge toll on businesses. Understandably a lot of focus is on those who are furloughed or made redundant – such uncertainty about one’s employment inevitably causes a great deal of stress. But it is also important to remember that managers are not exempt from Covid-related pressures or deteriorations in mental health,” said Nic Redfern, UK finance director of NerdWallet.

Redfern said it was encouraging that many managers had sought professional help for their mental health worries, but “important conversations” within organisation still needed to be had.

“Employees at all levels need support for their mental wellbeing – even as we transition out of lockdown, we cannot ignore the heavy burden that the past 12 months have placed upon so many people,” added Redfern.

Elsewhere, a report has exposed the impact the pandemic has had on the mental wellbeing of small business owners.

Some 82% polled for Simply Business’ Better for Business report rated their mental health as “poor” over the past 12 months. Financial worries had the biggest negative impact, with 61% stating this had affected their wellbeing.

Sixty-two per cent said they had been affected by stress over the past year, 55% suffered anxiety, and 30% experienced feelings of depression.

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