UnumProvident report reveals mental ill health costs the UK economy £10bn a year

Mental ill health costs the UK economy £10bn a year, claims a report by a leading disability insurer.

A study by UnumProvident,  in collaboration with analysts Oxford Economics, estimated that 10 million working days were lost due to stress, depression and anxiety in 2005/06.

The study examined official government figures from the Department of Work and Pensions and the Health and Safety Executive.

Joanne Hindle, UnumProvident’s corporate services director said: “Mental ill health is impacting on the UK economy as well as the lives of individuals, their families and their work colleagues.”

It also revealed that 55-59 year olds are likely to experience mental ill health the most, with mental and behavioural disorder incapacity benefit claims rife in Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow.

“A relatively small investment [in government spending] on early intervention and rehabilitation has commensurate benefits, providing hope and belief for individuals and financial benefits for the UK economy,” Hindle added.

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