A third of HR personnel fail to see the funny side at work as Personnel Today poll backs findings of Happiness Index

Three in 10 people are unhappy working in HR, according to a Personnel Today poll.

Ninety-three of the 305 respondents to the Barometer question posed in the 17 April issue said they were unhappy in the profession.

This backs up the findings of the Happiness Index, compiled by qualifications body City & Guilds, which ranked HR the 17th happiest profession out of 20. Only financial services, catering and secretarial workers said they were more miserable in their career than HR professionals.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development rubbished the survey, pointing to research it conducted 18 months ago, which found HR professionals were happy with their choice of career.

Hairdressers are the happiest employees, according to the City & Guilds poll.

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