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Disability Act expansion

At least 250,000 people with serious health conditions, including people suffering from (but not yet showing symptoms of) HIV and multiple sclerosis, became covered by the Disability Discrimination Act in December.
Personnel Today, 6 December

Responsibility gap

There is ‘hopeless confusion’ over who should take responsibility for the health of employees, delegates at a Bupa conference heard.
Personnel Today, 29 November

Workload worries

Almost half of the UK’s employees think they are doing the work of more than one person, according to a survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. A total of 55% believe there are enough people in their department to handle the workload.
Personnel Today, 12 December

Smoker job ban is legal

A controversial recruitment advert banning smokers from applying for a job at North Wales Police is perfectly legal, lawyers have said.
Personnel Today, 22 November

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