Offshore workers’ cholesterol results provide food for thought

In today’s ever health-conscious environment, cholesterol is seen as a key element when taking an overview of an individual’s health.

A survey conducted by occupational health specialists Abermed at this year’s Offshore Europe Exhibition has shown regular levels of cholesterol in the oil and gas workforce. The survey, of over 350 attendees, revealed that workers associated with the offshore sector have, on average, a cholesterol level of 5.4.

High cholesterol is mainly caused by high levels of lipids in the blood (a condition referred to as hyperlipidemia), and is known to increase considerably the chances of having a stroke or heart attack as arteries narrow. Although high cholesterol can be natural, a poor diet, high blood pressure and a low level of physical exercise are known to elevate this health hazard considerably.

Medical Director, Dr Alison Carroll, sees the results as being somewhat encouraging “These results are generally extremely heartening, especially considering that they were random, rather than fasting samples. The healthy eating message is obviously being embraced by the Oil and Gas Industry, encouraged by many companies’ support of health education”

Abermed have invested over £15,000 in the development of an innovative scheme aimed at helping people achieve, and maintain, a healthy and controlled weight loss.

The programme, which makes use of a qualified psychotherapist and dietitian, aims to alter individuals’ attitudes to food, whilst also giving a valuable insight into nutritional requirements.

James Miller, Managing Director, sees this as a significant development within the company: “We are not offering a standard high street weight loss service. This programme is about helping individuals identify and act on all aspects of their lifestyle and, as a result, helps to maintain a healthy weight. This service focuses on exercise, diet and particularly attitude, to help sustain health and wellbeing. The feedback that was gained during a recent pilot of the scheme was highly encouraging and we feel that this provides considerable added-value in terms of services we can now offer”

Abermed, headquartered in Aberdeen, have sites across the U.K and a stake in a medical venture, Kazanada, based in Kazakhstan and throughout the Caspian region.


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