Relentless Britney spears ears of shopworkers

Britney Spears has topped a chart of the most irritating singer for shopworkers to listen to while at work.

A poll of 1,400 staff by recruitment website Retailchoice also found that Usher and Kylie Minogue were also irritating for retail employees.

Almost half of those quizzed added that customers had also complained about loud in-store music driving them mad. And a third of the respondents said they had to put up with the same CD being played up to 20 times a week.

This enforced listening to annoying music was suffered most by staff working for fashion and shoe retailers.

Top 10 annoying singers

  1. Britney Spears

  2. Usher

  3. Kylie Minogue

  4. 50 Cent

  5. Robbie Williams

  6. Akon

  7. Beyonce

  8. Blue

  9. Justin Timberlake

  10. Michael Jackson


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