UK workers put boredom as prime motivator for jumping ship

Research out today reveals more than a third of the UK workforce is disgruntled and unhappy in their jobs.

The survey, commissioned by online recruiter Jobsite, reveals that 37% of workers do not enjoy their time at work and almost half would be interested in working in a different industry.

The prime motivations encouraging people to seek work elsewhere are led by the desire for a more enjoyable job, with a salary increase and promotion opportunities coming second and third place respectively.

However, when motivated to look for new employment, 52% find the job search process frustrating.

The research surveyed 5,000 UK jobseekers from across a variety of sectors to investigate how they were finding the job-hunting process and how recruitment methods can be improved.

These sessions revealed that cultural mis-match between companies and workers is the primary reason why workers end their relationship with a company.

Jobsite chief executive officer, Keith Potts, said: “Company productivity is tightly linked to how motivating a work environment is. If the company culture conflicts with that of the worker’s, business bosses are in danger of creating a toxic work environment for all.”

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