Sky opens communications channels to discuss health and safety

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has welcomed the launch of a new initiative by broadcaster Sky to involves employees in open dialogue about a wide range of workplace issues, including health and safety matters.

The Sky Forum, a panel of 67 staff representatives elected by Sky’s 13,000 employees, gives staff a platform to air their views and discuss ideas, not only with fellow employees but also with senior management and members of Sky’s executive committee.

In addition to consulting with staff on health and safety, the forum acts as a channel for two-way communication about Sky’s business objectives and other workplace issues such as training and development. Members of the forum are to meet up to six times a year.

Bill Hazleton, a London-based HSE inspector who has closely involved with Sky in the past two years, said: “An actively engaged workforce is fundamental to successful health and safety. A consultative approach can improve the bottom line of a company by reducing injuries and ill health.”

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