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Tall Tales !!

Shared from on 16 May 2016

This weekend my wife and I had a date night seeing the musical, Big Fish, which was based on the novel and movie of the same name. It was a spectacular performance that captured you from the moment it began. A quick summary . . . The story contrasts the relationship of a father and … Continue reading "Tall Tales !!"

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Shared from on 8 May 2016

In very early 1964 on an Army base in Nuremberg, Germany (West Germany at the time), a young woman became a mother for the first time. The challenge was that her son was one month premature. The doctor’s reassured her and did everything they could to take care of this newborn. He spent time in … Continue reading "Mom."

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Be An Influencer !!

Shared from on 2 May 2016

I’ve been active and visible on Social Media forums for many years now. I enjoy them immensely and find them to be great methods of connecting with others across the globe, a simple mechanism to share the work of others and an overall great way to communicate. If you’ve been out here for any length … Continue reading "Be An Influencer !!"

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