Learning & training

Strategies for upskilling your workforce in a changing world (webinar)

3 June - Register now | Imperial Brands' Darren Bartlett joins Kelly Palmer...

Personnel Today Awards 2020: entry deadline extension available

With just one week left until the original deadline, we announce that organisations can apply for a two-week extension to...

Lloyds Banking Group makes best of lockdown to develop leaders

Lloyds launched a leadership learning programme for new-to-role line managers just days before lockdown measures were announced.

Is coronavirus the ultimate test in ethical leadership for HR?

Whether it’s furlough or free healthcare, companies’ actions during the coronavirus have come under greater scrutiny than ever. Will the...

Lockdown pressures on mothers could stall gender pay gap progress

Childcare pressures and a reduction in paid working hours brought about by the lockdown could risk reversing some of the...

Contact tracers report ‘chaotic’ training and confusion about role

Contact tracers report major technical and organisational obstacles in training.

Lockdown drives high demand for online learning

The Covid-19 is driving a surge in employees seeking out distance learning opportunities, according to The Open University.

How a mentor can help a small business to plan their recovery and help them to Bounce Back Better

PROMOTED | Leadership can be a lonely place at the best of times.

Bring forward furlough flexibility and extend financial support, MPs told

Some groups of workers have fallen through cracks in the furlough scheme, MPs are told, and more flexibility urgently required by employers.

How will your star teams perform now they’re working alone?

Your star performers, or ‘superchickens’, work better together. So how can organisations build social cohesion when everyone is working virtually,...

Why graduate recruitment doesn’t need to be on lockdown

Although some organisations may be putting graduate recruitment and internships on hold to reduce cost, there’s no reason why they...

Low Pay Commission: ‘Improve awareness of how apprentices should be paid’

Confusion over rates of pay has led to many apprentices not receiving the pay they are entitled to.

Coronavirus could push youth unemployment over 1 million

Youth unemployment could top 1 million due to the impact of the coronavirus, according to a report from the Resolution...

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