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Employees keen to get to grips with future of work

Companies need to do more to prepare employees for the future of work – but employees have a “keen sense...

MPs urge radical improvements in apprenticeships

MPs have strongly criticised the government’s apprenticeship programme, in particular its focus on higher level placements and failure to meet the needs of smaller employers.

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Introduce a social purpose to business and reap the career rewards

A programme that seeks to introduce the know-how and vision of business leaders with charities found that the businesses experienced gained as much as the charities in terms of recruitment, skills and development.

‘Gender-neutral’ ads to encourage female STEM apprentices

The government is to consider using “gender-neutral language” in apprenticeship standards to ensure women are not deterred from training for...

Two in five employers train existing staff to fill jobs

Forty-three per cent of employers are upskilling existing staff to plug hard-to-fill vacancies and a similar proportion (41%) say it has become more difficult to recruit in the past year.

Future jobs will require the human touch, says Amber Rudd

More automation will allow employers to offer roles that require distinct “human sensibilities” and allow workers to be more creative

Workplace training mainly benefits the better qualified

Employees with higher levels of education, women, younger employees and people with mid-range skills are the chief beneficiaries of training at work, a new ONS study has shown.

‘Open-source learning’ – a new approach to sharing knowledge (webinar)

Tuesday 11 June 2019, 3:00pm BST
Open-source is a well-known concept in software development, but what lessons might learning and...

Small businesses seek urgent apprenticeship reforms

The government is in danger of making apprenticeships unaffordable for smaller firms, with reforms urgently needed to curb the decline in apprentice numbers.

Lifelong learning provision is inadequate, claims Lords committee

The government must rethink its approach to lifelong learning and ensure that it educates younger people for longer working lives,...

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‘Give women a fair chance to lead’ urge psychology experts

The low number of women in senior positions in organisations could be down to a lack of understanding of leadership...

Gore, nudity and leadership lessons: an HR guide to Game of Thrones

A business psychologist looks behind the gore and Machiavellian manoeuvres of the HBO show's main characters to, not entirely seriously, ponder their leadership qualities

Poor management has led to spike in stress absence

Stress-related absence has increased for two-fifths of organisations in the past year, according to new research from the CIPD and Simplyhealth.

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