Maternity & paternity

Pregnant employees are entitled to take 52 weeks' maternity leave. Pregnant employees' partners are entitled to take two weeks' ordinary paternity leave provided that they have the required continuous service.

Parents with babies due on or after 5 April 2015 are entitled to take shared parental leave. Shared parental leave enables mothers to commit to ending their maternity leave and pay at a future date, and to share the untaken balance of leave and pay as shared parental leave and pay with their partner.

Shared parental leave: Will the pandemic increase childcare equality?

Will the pandemic bring about a shift in perception of fathers accessing parental leave or is there a need for a more drastic approach?

April 2021 employment law changes: five things for HR to do

6 Apr 2021

An annual update on the changes to employment law that are happening in April 2021 – IR35, national living wage, statutory pay rates...

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Volvo unveils global paid parental leave policy

1 Apr 2021

Volvo Cars has today announced the global roll-out of its brand new ‘Family Bond’ paid parental leave policy after a...

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Personnel Today Awards 2021 opens for entries

31 Mar 2021

HR and L&D teams wishing to celebrate the successes of the past year can begin their journey towards receiving the recognition they deserve from today.

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OECD countries all guilty of gender pensions gap

10 Mar 2021

Women in OECD countries receive around a quarter less income than men from the pension system.

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Ministerial maternity bill passes amid criticism

12 Feb 2021

MPs have voted to give ministers paid maternity leave, but the bill has been criticised for excluding backbench MPs and for giving no mention to paternity leave.

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Employers ‘missing a trick’ on awareness of rights during pandemic

12 Feb 2021

Employers could do more to make working parents aware of their rights to leave and financial support during the pandemic, a study has claimed.

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Ministerial maternity bill will help ‘spectacularly small’ number of women

11 Feb 2021

Labour MP Stella Creasy said she would be prepared to sue the government over plans to grant maternity protections to cabinet ministers but not backbench MPs.

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Covid-19: Government policies ‘exacerbated’ gender inequality

9 Feb 2021

Policies launched in response to the pandemic have overlooked well-understood labour market and caring inequalities faced by women.

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Suella Braverman

New law will enable Cabinet ministers to take maternity leave

4 Feb 2021

A new law will be passed that will for the first time extend maternity leave rights to senior government ministers.

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A sixth of redundant staff say they were selected for being a parent

28 Jan 2021

Law firm Slater and Gordon says some redundancy selection processes are unfair and employers are unlawfully making decisions based on protected characteristics.

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Establish a legal right to furlough for working parents: TUC

14 Jan 2021

Major survey finds 78% of working mothers have not been able to gain furlough funding.

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Gig economy: Just Eat offers couriers better terms

9 Dec 2020

Food delivery company Just Eat has announced it will offer couriers pay by the hour rather than per job in...

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April 2021 statutory maternity, paternity and sick pay rates published

8 Dec 2020

The government has published the proposed statutory rates for maternity pay, paternity pay, shared parental pay, adoption pay, parental bereavement...

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Equal Pay Day: pandemic put gender equality at a crossroads

20 Nov 2020

The UK has arrived at a crossroads at which progress in gender equality could either be set back decades, or...

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