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Recruitment: how overconfidence can suppress social mobility

Confidence may be a welcome attribute in a job applicant but overconfidence, suggests new research, can drive inequalities, stifle social...

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Young people critical of lack of diversity and social mobility

Two-thirds of young people feel they have to conceal or change who they really are in order to make a good impression and find a job at many businesses.

Why ‘talent’ is no longer a useful term for business

As the requirements for future leaders change, is it time to do away with the concept of focusing only on a select few?

More full-time judges needed to handle tribunal delays

Too few full-time judges are available to handle the backlog of employment tribunal cases, which has resulted in continuing delays...

Labour pledges £10 an hour minimum for all ages

Labour will scrap the “youth rate” minimum wage and ensure staff of all ages are paid at least £10 an...

Two in five employers train existing staff to fill jobs

Forty-three per cent of employers are upskilling existing staff to plug hard-to-fill vacancies and a similar proportion (41%) say it has become more difficult to recruit in the past year.

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How to navigate managers regime, GDPR and criminal records checks

How financial firms need to navigate the major data privacy implications of criminal records checks made necessary by the Senior Managers and Certification Regime

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