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Reputation management: how to handle employees’ tweets

As debate on politics and society heats up on Twitter and other platforms, HR needs to heed advice on how to handle social media posts that might cause reputational damage

Goodbye to HR tech, hello recruitment consumerisation

With technology transforming the way we attract, engage and inspire potential hires, Adam Shay explains why keeping up with the...

Three ways to solve the continuous performance management puzzle

Employers are increasingly choosing regular “check-ins” rather than annual reviews to manage employee performance. But what is the best way...

NHS doctors

NHS to accelerate roll-out of artificial intelligence

The NHS in England will create a national artificial intelligence laboratory to improve care and free up the time of medics so they can spend more time with patients.

Digitising HR records: the first steps towards intelligent automation (webinar)

ON-DEMAND | Find out how West Midlands Ambulance Service digitised its HR records as the first step in a journey towards intelligent automation...

Court of Appeal: Junior doctor wins rest break test case

The NHS faces a bill of millions of pounds after a junior doctor won a test case yesterday about the...

When is an employer liable for an employee’s Facebook post?

The Employment Appeal Tribunal recently found that Heathrow Airport was not liable for an employee’s racially offensive Facebook post. The...

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