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Driven to distraction: How can we tackle our waning attention spans?

Our collective attention span is disappearing as more and more channels of information make demands on our time. This is...

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Risk of errors high in UK gender pay gap reporting

New research has cast doubt on the accuracy of about 15% of the gender pay gap information being collected by organisations. The failure to provide links to company reports has also been flagged.

How progressive firms look to beat the skills gap

Fluid work practices, flexibility and agile reward schemes are the chosen route to beating the skills gap for a growing number of forward-looking businesses, according to a new study.

Few businesses find tech investment improves learning outcomes

The growing use of AI in learning and development has not resulted in significant improvements in people's productivity and work quality according to new research.

A best-practice buyers’ guide – Seven benefits of new HR Software for your business

PROMOTED CONTENT | 2018 has proved to be a tumultuous year for HR professionals, with challenges...

Women at highest risk of losing roles to automation

The ONS has created a chatbot where users can search for the risk of automation of different roles

Unleash 2019: How to make work ‘romantic’ again

Work is at risk of losing its human side as technology takes over many aspects of our professional and personal...

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