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Do social networks increase exposure to sexual harassment claims?

There is a school of thought that new forms of digital technology have driven a new wave of sexual harassment...

"Intelligent assistants" similar to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant could do the legwork in finding the best candidatesBritta Pedersen/DPA/PA Images

Could an ‘intelligent assistant’ help you hire the best candidate?

Predictive algorithms, machine learning and Alexa-like ‘intelligent assistants’ will revolutionise recruitment, says Dr Achim Preuss.
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Robot (Pepper)

Why robots should ‘report to’ HR

As artificial intelligence in the workplace evolves, shouldn't HR be taking more responsibility for developments?

The rising national living wage could accelerate the automation of routine roles

Rising national living wage puts routine jobs at risk of automation

The rising national living wage could leave some routine jobs at risk of automation, according to a report by the...


Could technology help to reduce conflict at work?

Conflicts at work cost money, but also damage engagement and productivity. Could an app where employees book time to talk...

HR tech customers increasingly approach suppliers with a list of 'wants', rather than trying to fit around the technology

HR Tech: Why customers should be at the centre of every software investment

Workday’s VP of product strategy for EMEA, Mark Judd, used to be one of the cloud-based software vendor’s customers. Now...

Members of the RMT protest against guard-less trains on Southern RailNEWZULU/Ian Davidson/PA Images

Private sector strike days jump 80%

The number of working days lost to strike action in the private sector has increased by 80% in a year,...

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