Case law

Christian loses discrimination claim in LGBT teaching case

A Christian school assistant who took her former employer to tribunal over claims she was sacked because of her religious...

Ten years of the Equality Act 2010: key cases for employers

1 Oct 2020

Ten years ago, the Equality Act 2010 consolidated discrimination laws into a single piece of legislation. We highlight 10 key...

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Uber wins London safety case as employment status verdict nears

28 Sep 2020

Uber has won the right to continue operating in London because of its safety improvements.

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Gender-fluid and non-binary workers protected under Equality Act

17 Sep 2020

Protections under the Equality Act for those going through gender reassignment extends to those who identify as gender-fluid or non-binary,...

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Care staff paid below minimum wage awarded £100k

15 Sep 2020

Three care companies with workers who were contracted by a North London council breached minimum wage rules by failing to...

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Foster carers are council employees, finds EAT

1 Sep 2020

Two foster carers have successfully argued that they should have full employment rights in a case that a union says...

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Uber and Lyft granted reprieve in California employment row

19 Aug 2020

Gig economy firms continue to fight legislation forcing them to treat their drivers as employees.

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‘All views my own’: Monitoring employees’ social media

18 Aug 2020

Social media has grown in use exponentially since Facebook was launched 16 years ago, and so has the risk to...

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‘Old boys’ network’: Sales exec wins sexism case against tech firm Splunk

12 Aug 2020

A sales executive who earned more than £700,000 per year has won her claim for sex discrimination at an employment...

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CitySprint loses third worker status case

5 Aug 2020

The IWGB is calling on government to better enforce employment status laws after the union took CitySprint to tribunal three...

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Supreme Court to make final Uber ruling

20 Jul 2020

Four years in the making – final decision on the employment status of Uber drivers will have huge ramifications for the gig economy.

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asda contract changes

Asda equal pay case comes before Supreme Court

13 Jul 2020

The long-running equal pay dispute between Asda and its shop-floor staff is to be considered by the Supreme Court this...

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Royal Mail loses appeal against agency worker decision

10 Jul 2020

Royal Mail and Angard lose their appeal over definition of agency workers and the employment rights the group is entitled to.

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Senior female executive who refused to socialise with male team loses sex discrimination claim

1 Jul 2020

Fellow workers claimed she was “dictatorial” and lacked respect for colleagues.

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French worker awarded €40,000 because his job was boring

10 Jun 2020

An employee of a luxury perfumes manufacturer has been awarded €40,000 in compensation by a French court after it was...

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