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Are ‘global employees’ the next big thing?

In theory, technology now allows employees to work from anywhere, but how easy is it to run a global workforce?

Employers must be wary of laws surrounding automated decisions

Employers using AI to make decisions about recruitment and performance need to be mindful of the laws surrounding workers’ rights, it has been warned.

Boohoo may link bosses’ bonuses to ESG improvements

Online retailer criticised for poor working practices in its supply chain looks to shake up executive bonuses.

Two in five employers not addressing presenteeism

Research finds four in five employers report that staff have worked at home while unwell over the past year, but 40% aren’t taking steps to address it.

Mutual trust between managers and staff boosts performance

A study has found a strong link between manager-employee trust, financial performance and productivity.

How useful is the term ‘hybrid working’?

How hybrid working is applied depends on whether your business is a shape-shifter, temporary pivoter or re-inventor.

WeWork: Billion Dollar Loser author talks to Oven-Ready HR

Chris Taylor interviews Reeves Wiedeman about his book examining the workplace culture at WeWork...

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