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learning in busy environments

Integrate learning into jobs, say L&D experts

Learning will need to be better integrated into employees' daily tasks, especially in busy environments: a key message from the Festival of Work

Festival of Work: Why job automation is an opportunity, not a threat

The implications of job automation was hotly debated by speakers at the CIPD's Festival of Work this week, where Gary Kasparov was among the key speakers

predictive analytics

Could predictive algorithms boost staff productivity?

Researchers claim to have developed an algorithm that predicts career peaks, but what affect would this have on employee productivity...

Psychological safety at work: it’s not about being “nice”

Studies show that trust and psychological safety in the workplace help employees perform better. But there’s more to creating this...

Transforming culture: How to bring people with you through change (webinar)

Find out how to create a culture where people thrive during change...

‘Open-source learning’ – a new approach to sharing knowledge (webinar)

Open-source is a well-known concept in software development, but what lessons might learning and development professionals be able to draw...

Seven million reasons not to cheat on competition

For many, the notion of a cartel may conjure up images of Columbian drug barons, but UK businesses need to...

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