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Top 10 HR questions May 2020: Returning to work safely

As lockdown restrictions gradually begin to ease, employers have been preparing for employees to return to work.
The government has...

Has coronavirus accelerated the future of work?

A recent McKinsey report suggests that there’s an overlap between those most vulnerable to losing their jobs to automation and...

Covid-19 recovery: Employer brands will require ‘seismic shift’

How employers have treated their staff during the Covid-19 crisis will be the ‘acid test’ for candidates considering whether to...

Strategies for upskilling your workforce in a changing world (webinar)

3 June - Register now | Imperial Brands' Darren Bartlett joins Kelly Palmer...

We’ll have to accept a level of risk to get back to the workplace

Firms need to assess and communicate risk and emphasise the benefits of the workplace ahead of reopening.

Personnel Today Awards 2020: entry deadline extension available

With just one week left until the original deadline, we announce that organisations can apply for a two-week extension to...

Nissan plant in Barcelona to close as Sunderland stays safe

Hundreds of Spanish Nissan workers have burnt tyres outside a factory that the Japanese car maker has announced is to...

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