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Outsourcing: How the IWGB nearly overturned collective bargaining rules

Last month the High Court dismissed a case which would have seen outsourced workers able to negotiate pay and conditions - but the fight still has legs

Should we rethink our working hours to boost productivity?

UK employees work on average two-and-a-half weeks longer than their EU counterparts over the course of a year, new analysis...

Brexit bringing out the best in strategic HR planning, says survey

HR functions are taking a long-term, strategic approach to growing the value of their people – and the challenges of...

Driven to distraction: How can we tackle our waning attention spans?

Our collective attention span is disappearing as more and more channels of information make demands on our time. This is...

How to get ahead in the labour market race

Matt Weston, managing director of recruitment firm Robert Half, looks at the current UK labour market and provides some insight...

Illuminating the links between LED lighting, health and productivity

LED (or light-emitting diode) lighting is transforming how we light our homes, workplaces and urban spaces. There is excitement it...

Could #MeToo clauses for start-ups put a stop to harassment?

Investors in start-ups are putting young companies under increased scrutiny to ensure they have a clean record on sexual harassment....

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