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Remember the Who !! #SHRM16

Shared from on 27 June 2016

I’m catching up on rest after an exhilarating SHRM Annual Conference. It was truly wonderful the entire time. This year I experienced a new view of the conference as a member of the SHRM Board of Directors. I have hesitated to write about being on the Board because stating it drums up different emotions for … Continue reading "Remember the Who !! #SHRM16"

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Shared from on 18 June 2016

I am very fortunate to be a father. I mean that. This is something that I wanted to become at some point in my life. I am also very fortunate to have grown up surrounded by an extended family where I saw strong fatherhood models both from their personal example and how they loved their … Continue reading "Dads."

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Your Stadium Moment !!

Shared from on 13 June 2016

I’ve mentioned this in the past, but in case you missed it, I am a music freak !! I have music playing pretty much all throughout every day and in everything I do. There’s even a hashtag that a few of my friends and I started called #HRMusicShare on Twitter. It captures what people are … Continue reading "Your Stadium Moment !!"

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For The People !!

Shared from on 6 June 2016

Two weeks from now I’ll be in Washington, D.C. at SHRM16 – the annual conference and exposition put on by SHRM. I’m tangibly geeked to be going once again, and I can’t wait to swim amid the sea of people who attend from all over the globe. I look forward to every aspect of the … Continue reading "For The People !!"

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Be An Influencer !!

Shared from on 2 May 2016

I’ve been active and visible on Social Media forums for many years now. I enjoy them immensely and find them to be great methods of connecting with others across the globe, a simple mechanism to share the work of others and an overall great way to communicate. If you’ve been out here for any length … Continue reading "Be An Influencer !!"

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And You Are ??

Shared from on 25 April 2016

This past week I attended the SHRM Talent Conference and it was spectacular !! The keynote speakers were all solid and the concurrent sessions had depth and relevant content. I love that people come to conferences to learn, gain skills and get professional development to do their jobs better. I also dig hearing speakers that … Continue reading "And You Are ??"

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The Second Day

Shared from on 18 April 2016

Have you ever started a new job? Do you remember what it was like? I remember anxiety about what I wore, how to drive to the office, where to park and what would happen. You weren’t sure who you were going to meet and wondered what they’d think about you. What would your work space … Continue reading "The Second Day"

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