This week’s news in brief

Unmentionable pensions
Less than one employer in 10 mentions pensions in its job advertisements, according to annual TUC research. It reveals that out of 1,132 job advertisements placed during a two-week period in July, only 6% mentioned a pension – a drop of 0.5% on the 2004 figure. Less than half listed the type of scheme offered and out of the small number that did mention pensions, less than half offered a final salary scheme.

Healthy examples
Personnel Today is going on a health kick and is looking for examples of successful workplace health initiatives. Have you improved the performance of your staff or reduced absenteeism in your company by introducing healthy incentives? If so, we want to hear about your success. E-mail

HR personnel in print
The Personnel Manager’s Yearbook 2005-06 is available. Now in its 21st edition, this annual directory lists in-depth contact information on more than 83,800 named personnel, HR and senior business contacts at more than 12,000 major UK and Irish companies. It costs £149.97 + p&p. More details are available online.

Due to a production error in the 9 August issue of Personnel Today, the last line of our special report from Iraq – ‘Taking training to the troops’ – was omitted. The full quote from Colonel Draper should have read: “In the Army, we cannot afford to come second in battle.” We apologise for any confusion caused. for the full story

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