Call of the wild for HR’s men over 40

This letter from Disciple Graham is enough to make any man-of-a-certain-age working in HR puff out his flabby chest, climb aboard his Harley Davidson and speed off down Route 66 (or the A3 – whichever is nearer)…

Dear Guru

It has finally happened – I have reached the age of 51. And while I was busy facing the inevitable loss of hearing and sight, decrease in height, greying of hair, increase of wrinkles, abnormal body mass spread due to metabolic slow-down, bone mass deterioration and steady decline in strength, I completely missed the reality of my life as explained in the ‘Have a rant’ in your 15 May issue.

It’s not that I dislike the thought of being middle aged, but while I was worrying about balding and decreases in testosterone levels, I apparently have turned into a white, middle-class, middle-aged, Daily Mail-reading woman. It’s not fair. I want to be a ‘Wild Hog’, not a part of the mothers’ union.

I sat in my local cinema last week with a large popcorn, diet cola (watching my weight), and family-size bag of Revels, and was enthralled to see the first screening of Wild Hogs. I was thrilled to see John Travolta and friends looking greyer, chubbier, and more like me.

Anyway, come on all you male HR Wild Hogs. Stand up and be counted.

Graham White,

Head of HR & organisational development, Corporate Services, Surrey County Council

So here’s the deal. Guru would like to hear from all the male, middle-aged (40+) HR Wild Hogs out there. If there’s sufficient interest, Yours Truly may even organise lunch at the famous bikers’ hangout – the Ace Cafe London.

Guru blog…

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