Royal Mail managers deliver post in taxis as union warns it will be “upping” strike action

Royal Mail managers have been forced to deliver post using taxis in an attempt to avoid a backlog of mail during the ongoing strike action.

The managers were seen transporting large bags of post across London to ensure letters and parcels were still delivered despite the strike, the Daily Mail reported.

The action by the managers followed the walk-out of 43,700 Royal Mail employees yesterday as part of a three-day strike which is expected to create a backlog of 100 million items.

But Billy Hayes, general secretary of the Communication Workers Union, warned there was “every prospect” of the industrial action now being stepped up.

He said: “We will be upping the dispute. We will not be scaling it down.

“There is every prospect that we will increase the action and we could be looking at longer strikes.”

The strike continues today with 400 staff in Plymouth, Stockport and Stoke walking out, and 77,000 delivery and collection workers will strike on Saturday.

In addition to the nationwide strikes, the Daily Mail reported there will be a series of wildcat strikes at local postal centres in the run-up to Christmas – even if a deal with Royal Mail is reached.

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