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When is an ET claim not a claim? (Answer: When it’s part of a case)

Shared from on 10 January 2016

For some years now, policy debate around reform of the employment tribunal (ET) system has been befuddled by confusion – some of it inadvertent, some of it wilful and malevolent – about whether the system’s workload should be measured in terms of the number of claims, or the number of cases – which includes the relatively […]

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Oh look, a new set of quarterly ET statistics …. zzzzzzzzz

Shared from on 11 December 2015

Warning: This post contains selected statistics, taken in isolation and out of context (© S Vara) I have already written here about how yesterday’s latest set of quarterly tribunal statistics has cast yet more doubt over whether we humans will ever solve the Hancock Theorem, the last great unsolved mathematical puzzle of our time. But that post […]

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Impact of ET fees: a Hancock and bull story

Shared from on 10 December 2015

Warning: This post contains selected statistics, taken in isolation and out of context (© S Vara) So, today the Ministry of Injustice has coughed up another set of quarterly tribunal statistics – this one covering July to September 2015 (Q2 of 2015-16) – and we can hammer a few more nails into the coffin of that […]

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Hurry up, Mr Vara!

Shared from on 3 December 2015

If you were travelling to work on the 159 bus yesterday morning, and the peace of your journey was ruined by a lot of swearing, moaning and face-palming by a clearly disturbed man in the front seat, then I apologise. Yes, that was me. And I was reading my print-out of the Hansard of Tuesday […]

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The one in which Mrs Wonky and I are as one

Shared from on 28 November 2015

Last weekend, as Mrs Wonky and I walked to the bus stop together – not something that happens very often – conversation turned to the abolition of the paper tax disc. We know how to live, do we Wonkies. How the ****, Mrs Wonky wanted to know, do the wardens know who to clamp these […]

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Will the Justice committee prove to be au fait with access to justice?

Shared from on 22 November 2015

We should perhaps take encouragement from the fact that, on the same day it published the transcript of its oral evidence session on the impact of the Coalition’s disastrous employment tribunal fees, the Conservative-majority Justice Committee of MPs also published a scathing report calling on ministers to scrap the Coalition’s disastrous criminal court charge. However, […]

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