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The most entitled generation

Shared from on 27 June 2016

They don’t care about the impression they make on other people. They think everything evolves around them. They don’t care about their reputation. Yet they want constant acclaim. Are they the most entitled generation that has ever existed? The baby boomers. Yes. The generation that has single handily robbed future generations of financial prosperity, of […]

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Culture is everything. Everything is culture.

Shared from on 20 June 2016

Over the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed tragic events take place on both sides of the Atlantic, under the shadow of separate political campaigns – the US presidency and the UK referendum. A brilliant piece of writing in The Spectator caught my eye, particularly the following line: “When you encourage rage you cannot then feign […]

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Are you ready for the end?

Shared from on 13 June 2016

I’m not the sharpest tool in the box. I’m ok with that. The reality finally struck me that in a matter of weeks our world might be on the verge of substantial change. There is a very real chance that we could be collectively making the decision to leave the european union. It doesn’t matter […]

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8 steps to customer service, the ASOS way

Shared from on 6 June 2016

If you’re the parent of teenage children, you’ll recognise the last-minute “but I don’t have anything to wear” moment. You’ll also know that kids grow exponentially and therefore, sometimes this isn’t a fashion crisis, but a genuine statement of fact. Such was the case a couple of days before we went on a short family […]

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Angry white males

Shared from on 16 May 2016

The angry white male is everywhere. They’re on the forum where you posted that innocuous comment. They’re in the meeting where you can’t get airtime. They’re in the queue telling everyone else how to stand. They’re in the hotel lobby making sure they know “who they are”. They’re even writing this blog. The angry white […]

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The future of work is human

Shared from on 3 May 2016

If I had to list four things that bring out my inner geek, they’d be: Work Technology Psychology Education I can’t remember the dates of any historical events, my knowledge of sports and sporting prowess is limited and if you want to know what stocks and shares to invest in…..buy the ones I’ve just sold. […]

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