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For The People !!

Shared from on 6 June 2016

Two weeks from now I’ll be in Washington, D.C. at SHRM16 – the annual conference and exposition put on by SHRM. I’m tangibly geeked to be going once again, and I can’t wait to swim amid the sea of people who attend from all over the globe. I look forward to every aspect of the … Continue reading "For The People !!"

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What’s Your Motor ??

Shared from on 23 May 2016

I think it’s fascinating that we have so many amazing people in our lives, and that most of them are acquaintances. There’s nothing wrong with this because people have a certain capacity on how many people they’re both willing to know deeply, or can dedicate the time to do that. The challenge with people only … Continue reading "What’s Your Motor ??"

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Shared from on 8 May 2016

In very early 1964 on an Army base in Nuremberg, Germany (West Germany at the time), a young woman became a mother for the first time. The challenge was that her son was one month premature. The doctor’s reassured her and did everything they could to take care of this newborn. He spent time in … Continue reading "Mom."

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And You Are ??

Shared from on 25 April 2016

This past week I attended the SHRM Talent Conference and it was spectacular !! The keynote speakers were all solid and the concurrent sessions had depth and relevant content. I love that people come to conferences to learn, gain skills and get professional development to do their jobs better. I also dig hearing speakers that … Continue reading "And You Are ??"

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