UK executives spend 70 days a year on foreign business trips

Business travellers spend 67.8 days every year on work trips, more than three times the amount of annual leave taken by the average UK worker, research reveals.

A survey of 200 senior executives, by pollster NOP, shows that business people take an average of 12.9 flights per year for work, with the average trip lasting 5.2 days.

The research, commissioned by online meetings firm WebEx, reveals that 46% of respondents would rather suffer dinner with the in-laws than the stress of international airports.

A further 42% would rather go through the rigmarole of house hunting and 37% would rather scrub the toilet than undergo the hassle of checking in, the irritation of passport control and the ‘dead time’ lost sitting in the airport lounge.

Almost half of the respondents admitted to continuing to work, well into the evening, when travelling for work. Just 8% of respondents venture out of their hotel room on the average business trip.

Honey Langcaster-James, life coach and Big Brother psychologist, said: “When we travel on business, we adopt an insular approach, rarely even venturing out of our hotel rooms and generally putting our personal lives in stasis.

“In fact, business travel can be a lonely existence and it seems it’s more ‘Brits are bored’ than ‘Brits abroad’.”

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