NTL staff vote for union recognition

Staff working in cable company NTL’s field operations division have voted by a margin of 9:1 for union recognition to continue.

The result also means that broadcasting union Bectu has met the additional criteria agreed with the firm that a third of the total electorate should vote ‘yes’ to ensure the existing union recognition agreement continues.

NTL had originally given the union notice that it intended to terminate the recognition agreement. However, after talks at Acas, it was agreed that the 1,300 staff should be allowed to decide whether or not they retained union recognition.

Bectu national official, Nigel Mason, said: “Those people voting have shown overwhelmingly that they want Bectu to represent them. It is particularly pleasing that we were able to achieve the necessary 33% margin given the ballot was conducted in August and there were concerns about turnout.

“The union will now be looking to build on this result and to increase both our number of members in NTL and encourage more people to become active in the union.”

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