Mobile workers

Many employers need mobile workers to carry out their business tasks, for example to sell their products and provide installation, repair and delivery services.

The management of a mobile workforce, for example a remote sales team, creates a numbers of challenges for employers around health and safety, communication and control, and working time.

As seen in the Tyco case, the working time status of travelling time for workers with no usual place of work has been particularly controversial.

‘Don’t confuse flexible working with remote working’

The rewards of establishing a functioning hybrid model of working are many, says EY, but businesses should be under no illusion about the challenges they face.

‘Stealth expats’: managing staff secretly working abroad

4 Nov 2020

Finding out that an employee has secretly been working from another country isn’t a new problem, but it has become...

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Uber wins London safety case as employment status verdict nears

28 Sep 2020

Uber has won the right to continue operating in London because of its safety improvements.

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Supreme Court to make final Uber ruling

20 Jul 2020

Four years in the making – final decision on the employment status of Uber drivers will have huge ramifications for the gig economy.

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UNLEASH 2019: ‘Give remote workers freedom and trust’

24 Oct 2019

Employers looking to adopt a remote-first working environment must ensure staff are empowered to take ownership of their careers and...

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Remote working roles have doubled in four years

30 Sep 2019

The number of remote working jobs available has doubled in the past four years, according to job board CV-Library.


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Don’t exclude frontline workers from your digital vision

25 Apr 2019

PROMOTED CONTENT | The frontline workers interacting directly with customers have too often been left at the back of the line ...

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Unleash 2019: How purpose creates a sense of belonging

25 Mar 2019

Giving employees a compelling purpose is nothing new, but it might help create a sense of belonging in a world...

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stress in the workplace

Stress causes loss of sleep for nearly half UK workforce

7 Nov 2018

Work stress has led to nearly half of UK workers to look for a new job, according to new research...

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Woman at home on smartphone anxious

How smartphones can land employers in the dock

13 Aug 2018

Smartphones are encouraging employees to exceed the number of hours they are contracted to work, which in some cases could...

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EU workers posted abroad to be entitled to local pay rates

30 May 2018

Workers posted to another EU country will be entitled to the same rate of pay and working conditions as their...

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anxious young woman at airport

Business travel, working abroad and mental health: a wake-up call

31 Mar 2018

More roles now involve business travel with increasing risks and stress for employees. Julian Eyears, medical director of occupational health...

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Do mobile workers have to be paid for travelling to their first job?

21 Oct 2015

Travel time and on-call time are treated differently for the purposes of the national minimum wage and the working time...

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Remote working: five legal issues you might have missed

20 Oct 2015

More and more employees now work outside the office, whether for better work-life balance or to match the demands of...

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Pimlico Plumbers owner Charlie Mullins says he will not comply with the ECJ ruling even if the company instructed to. Photo: Pimlico Plumbers

Mobile workers’ working time: “Unworkable, illogical and open to abuse”

28 Sep 2015

Employers are just starting to get to grips with the recent ECJ ruling that travel to...

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