Companies trade bosses in TV swap show

of the controversial Wife Swap TV programme will soon be able to enjoy a
workplace sequel in which employers trade jobs, rather than their spouses.

new show, imaginatively titled Boss Swap, has apparently had the same
explosive effect as Wife Swap, but this time it’s the staff who are
revolting, not the wives.

in the year Personnel Today readers were invited to take part in the
Channel 4 programme which will be shown in January.

in some episodes staff have refused to work with their surrogate bosses and
lawyers have warned the companies that they will still be liable for any strike
action or lost customers.

temporary bosses were not allowed to sack workers, but they could change their
roles, sanction overtime payments and design new uniforms.

maker RDF Media claimed the process could help transform organisations and was
better than hiring consultants.

you or your organisation part of the programme? If so contact

By Ross Wigham

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