Danger zone: three top tips to stop healthcare cash plans failing

If you’ve decided to use cash plans in your organisation the next challenge will be making sure employees make the most of the new benefit. Here are our top three tips to stop your cash plan failing:

1. Be clear on what is covered

Charles Cotton, rewards adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, recommends being clear with employees about what is and isn’t covered.

He says: “You could have an embarrassing situation where somebody wants to claim for something and it transpires they are not covered. If you move from one cash plan to another and the coverage has changed, check employees are aware of that.”

2. Explain how and when employees will get their cashback

“Once employees have submitted a claim they don’t want to be waiting to get money back. Enquire about the provider’s claims process,” says James Glover, corporate sales and marketing director at Simplyhealth.

3. Think about customer service

Customer service can make all the difference when employees have an issue that needs to be resolved. Consider if, when they phone for assistance, they will be able to get straight through to a real person, not left on the line listening to an automated message.


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