Female academics lose out on cash and promotion

academics are being discriminated against in terms of money and promotion,
according to the Association of University Teachers (AUT).

are held back by a glass ceiling which keeps most in lower-paid and
lower-status jobs, the group said.

AUT study reveals that the number of women in academic life has soared by 43
per cent since the mid-1990s. But women are more likely to be on short
contracts and in lower-paid jobs.

AUT’s research also suggests that
the glass ceiling continues to pervade university life. In almost all cases,
the proportion of women decreased with the seniority
of the grade:

Hunt, AUT’s general secretary
said: ‘This report provides yet more evidence of the discrimination faced by
women working in our universities.

are paid less, are more likely to be employed on a casual basis and continue to
occupy the more junior grades. It is time for our universities to take some
real action to solve this scandal.”

By Daniel Thomas

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