Former drag queen wins unfair dismissal case

A former drag queen has won an unfair dismissal case despite having claims of sexual harassment rejected.

Dean Awford, who allegedly refers to himself as “Dean the Queen”, sued his boss David Gray of furniture store Grays At The Northwick in Worcester for unfair dismissal and sexual orientation dismissal, according to the Telegraph.

Awford claimed that Gray called him a “faggot” and a “poof”, and constantly referred to him as “she” and “her”.

Judge David Kearsley ruled that Gray’s comment of “F*** off” to Awford constituted unfair dismissal. But Awford’s claims for sexual orientation dismissal and sexual harassment were rejected because of his character, his frankness about his own sexual activity, and the absence of complaints on his part during the period of employment.

Awford was awarded more than £30,000 including £118 in unauthorised deductions and £67 in holiday pay.

He said: “I am delighted that the unfair dismissal case was upheld. I suppose as far as Gray’s At The Northwick are concerned, I could be the Christmas fairy.”

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