Employment tribunals

Employment rights are enforced in the employment tribunal. For example, employment tribunals consider complaints of unfair dismissal and discrimination. Employment tribunals can also consider breach of contract claims if the value of the claim does not exceed £25,000.

Employment tribunal proceedings are started by the claimant completing and submitting an ET1 claim form within the required time limit. The ET3 response form is the employer's response to the claim form.

Fees are payable and an early conciliation process must be followed before an employment tribunal claim can proceed.

Liz Earle Beauty Company adopted discriminatory redundancy process for pregnant worker

The Liz Earle Beauty Company must pay a former employee more than £17,000 for pregnancy and maternity discrimination, after it...

Injury to feelings: how the employment tribunal awarded £400k

7 Apr 2020

A former Department for Work and Pensions employee recently received almost £400,000 in compensation following age and race discrimination

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Virgin Atlantic pilot’s unfair dismissal claim reinstated

6 Apr 2020

A Virgin Atlantic pilot rumoured to have slept during a flight is claiming unfair dismissal against his employer after failing flight simulation tests.

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Coronavirus crisis accelerates digitisation of employment tribunals

24 Mar 2020

The Covid-19 outbreak will speed up digitisation the employment tribunal system, a revolution that is long overdue.

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Middlesbrough FC

HMRC successfully appeals tribunal ruling on national minimum wage

23 Mar 2020

Employment appeal tribunal rules against Middlesbrough over pay deductions.

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Hold employment tribunals remotely, judges told

18 Mar 2020

Judges are being strongly encouraged to hold employment tribunals remotely where possible, in order to ensure cases continue to be...

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Builders were not self-employed, rules employment tribunal

9 Mar 2020

A recent employment tribunal case could have major ramifications for the construction industry.

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DWP loses 12.5% disability discrimination claims

9 Mar 2020

The Department for Work and Pensions lost one in eight disability discrimination cases brought against it in 2016-19 – more...

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Downfall of BP worker averted after appeal victory

2 Mar 2020

Australian BP employee wins on appeal after mocking pay negotiations with well known Hitler meme from the film Downfall.

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Samira Ahmed and BBC reach equal-pay settlement

24 Feb 2020

Journalist Samira Ahmed has reached an undisclosed financial settlement with the BBC after she won an equal pay case against...

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On the case: reasonable adjustments and tribunal proceedings

19 Feb 2020

Employers should be well aware of their obligations to make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees or job candidates. But what...

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Secretary who resigned because of discrimination was constructively dismissed

18 Feb 2020

A secretary who resigned because she was asked to be complicit in discriminatory recruitment practices was constructively and unfairly dismissed,...

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Lawyer rejected because he was ‘expensive’ was discriminated against

13 Feb 2020

The decision to deny an experienced lawyer a job because he was considered...

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Director who resigned in ‘heat of the moment’ was unfairly dismissed

10 Feb 2020

The managing director of an electrical supplies company who resigned “in the heat of the moment” was unfairly dismissed.

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Timpson employee who threatened to ‘shoot’ colleague was unfairly dismissed

29 Jan 2020

A Timpson employee who threatened to “shoot” a colleague was unfairly dismissed because of the way the company handled the...

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