Guru’s take on averted British Airways strike

So British Airways ended up averting its cabin crew strike, but only once all its passengers had cancelled their tickets and either given up on their week in the French Alps, or given Richard Branson yet another reason to be smug.

This situation reminded Guru of the numerous occasions when he has sat in motorway traffic jams for hours on end, only to see the closed lane reopen just as he gets clear of it. And the countless times his delayed train has finally appeared just as he has missed his important meeting. Yes, Guru has important meetings too, you know – he just can’t tell you about them because they are on a level you just would not understand.

But the point is that Guru’s sympathies lie with all those passengers affected by the strike that never was. He even had £50 on Esha Ness, the horse that won the void Grand National in 1993…

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