Nottinghamshire Police failures result in team being sent in to turn it around

A team of senior police officers and private sector executives has been assigned to turn around a failing police force.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary is ordering in the team after Nottinghamshire Police has been found to be failing in key areas, including meeting minimum standards in dealing with the public.

According to the Times, the force is underperforming in answering 999 calls, arranging regular public meetings, and responding to messages left for neighbourhood teams.

The measures are being taken as a last attempt to avoid direct Home Office intervention and include asking the police authority to remove the chief constable Julia Hodson, the paper reports.

Elsewhere, the Home Office is also watching Manchester Police over its performance in tackling crime, and the force has given itself a 90-day deadline to improve.

In Leicestershire, difficulties have emerged over the appointment of a chief constable. The force was recently criticised over failings in the case of Fiona Pilkington, who killed herself and her disabled daughter after years of abuse from youths.

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