Overseas workers just love London

Nine out of ten foreign-born executives believe that working in London has benefited their career and increased their understanding of global business, according to a recent report.

More than 90% of global professionals said that advancing their work prospects was the biggest influence for moving to London in the first place, the survey of 348 global workers by Cranfield School of Management and foreign direct investment agency Think London revealed.

The research examined the careers of executives from 46 different countries. Eight out of 10 respondents said that colleagues in their home country viewed working in London as career enhancing.

Nearly 60% of foreign-born executives said they had been promoted while working in the UK capital and almost 80% expected further advancement when they leave.

“This new research sets out in persuasive detail just how much working in London is valued by today’s new breed of global professionals. We know that London is a major global destination,” said Michael Charlton, chief executive of Think London.

But even we didn’t foresee how much executives value the capital’s networks, opportunities and energy. It seems clear to them that if you succeed in London, you can succeed anywhere.”

Eight out of 10 respondents also said that the cultural and social life in London had enhanced their personal growth and increased their understanding and awareness of different cultures.

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