Project Endurance launched to raise online security awareness

The UK’s first national campaign to raise public awareness of internet security was announced today.

Project Endurance was launched at the CBI Conference in Birmingham by Mike O’Brien MP, minister of state for energy and e-commerce, and Digby Jones, director-general of the CBI.

Project Endurance brings together public and private sectors in a effort to educate and advise people on how to protect themselves online.

“The UK is one of the most advanced internet societies in the world,” said Mike O’Brien, MP.

“Britain’s economic competitiveness depends on the continued growth of e-commerce and e-government. Rapid broadband adoption increases exposure to viruses and online fraud that could threaten Britain’s online economy. This campaign will help the most vulnerable internet users to transact online more securely and its success relies on the active participation of leading British businesses.”

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