Project roll-out

Learn how to implement as smoothly as possible the transition to your new payroll software system.

Six reasons why projects fail – planning the implementation of your payroll software project
Just because you’ve invested in new payroll software doesn’t mean it will solve all your problems. In fact, most projects fail to deliver to their full potential. Here, we look at why.

Talking to techies: Five ways to a smoother relationship with IT 
Embarking on a payroll software project will almost certainly involve one or more conversations with your company’s IT department. Here we provide five tips towards a smoother relationship with IT.

Integrating new payroll software with existing systems 
HR software is often purchased independently of other systems. Here we look at the importance of ensuring your new payroll application will work smoothly with other software systems.

Implementing your new payroll software – keeping costs down 
No matter how much you’re spending on new payroll software, nobody likes to think they are paying more than they need. We provide four steps to avoiding an overspend.


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 Wirral Partnership Homes opts for Frontier Software 
Wirral Partnership Homes employs 550 staff and is responsible for the management and maintenance of approximately 13,000 homes. It needed a dedicated HR and payroll solution that could manage everything in house and produce reports for the executive board and management team. Frontier Software (202kB)

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