TUC launches pay comparison website

A new online service has been launched to help people hoping to change jobs in the New Year to find out what they are really worth.

According to the TUC, around four and a half million people in the UK will get a new job in 2005, and many will be unknowingly underpaid.

The TUC puts this down to the fact that talking about pay in UK offices is a taboo subject.

To help bridge this ‘information gap’, the TUC and pay research organisation Incomes Data Services, have launched an online service called PayWizard at www.paywizard.co.uk.

On the website, workers can check their salary against others doing the same job, find out what they could earn in other careers, and uncover regional pay differences.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: “For too many people pay has been surrounded in secrecy – making it the perfect environment for inequality and discrimination to flourish undetected.”

“This website will help employees and unions uncover some of the unfair differences in pay that we know exist, and help people find out what they are really worth.”


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