GMB union confirms Paul Kenny as general secretary after year as acting leader

The GMB union has elected Paul Kenny as the new general secretary and treasurer of the union.

A meeting of the union’s executive council confirmed yesterday that Kenny was elected unopposed and his term of office will run for five years to 2011.

Kenny, 56, had served as GMB acting general secretary since March 2005. In his 13 months in that position, the union’s finances have returned to surplus and the union’s national membership is up by 4,000.

Kenny has a history of an aggressive approach to industrial relations. Last year he launched no-holds-barred campaigns against the venture capitalists that took over ownership of motoring services group AA.

And at supermarket chain Asda, the GMB is vigorously campaigning for a national collective bargaining agreement for its members at retail outlets and distribution depots.

It is expected the GMB will join Amicus and the Transport and General Workers’ Union in forming a new “super-union” early next year.


  • Steven Batkin

    How can trade unions be taken seriously when their leaders are paid such enormous wages. We can expect a gradual decline in the living standards of the British people!