Pregnancy and maternity discrimination: 10% of women were discouraged from attending antenatal appointments. Photo: Mito Images/REX

54,000 new mothers forced out of jobs every year

Around 54,000 new mothers a year lose their jobs through pregnancy and maternity discrimination, according to research by the Equality...

Dismissal of employee with disabled daughter was associative disability discrimination

An employer committed associative disability discrimination against an employee following indications that he would be increasing the time spent with...


Pay awards remain stagnant at 2%

Although pay freezes are becoming less frequent, employers are still only awarding modest pay increases, according to the latest analysis...

Responding to an employment tribunal claim - form ET3

Responding to an employment tribunal claim: Five tips for employers

When an employer receives an employment tribunal claim, it needs to act quickly and carefully to put itself in the...


Select committee launches tribunal fees inquiry

A select committee of MPs has launched an inquiry into court and tribunal fees, to assess whether or not their...

Engaging and retaining high-potential employees (webinar)

Engaging and retaining high-potential employees (webinar)

Wednesday 23 September 2015, 2:00pm BST
Thousands of books, articles and research papers have been written about how to identify...

Male, pale and stale: UK boardrooms are still stuck in the 1960s Photo: Rex

Gender inequality: still work to be done

While plans to make gender pay gap reporting mandatory in larger organisations will go some way to address male and...


Employee recognition: an app for a tap on the back

One of the key ways to engage millennials at work, or Gen-Y as they’re often known, is by offering frequent...


Employer branding: all theory and no action?

HR understands the importance of a strong employer brand and positive marketing experience, but poor candidate experience suggests otherwise. Peter...


Almost half of employers think fit notes are ineffective

Almost half of employers believe the Department of Health’s flagship fit note scheme is not helping employees return to work....

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