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Councils will be free to change Sunday trading laws

Local authorities and city mayors in England and Wales will be given the power to extend Sunday trading hours, allowing...

National minimum wage: sleeping on the job?

There is little clarity on whether employers should pay staff the national minimum wage for overnight shifts and decisions tend...

UK employers do not have the green light to spy on staff

Monitoring employee communications: recent ruling no green light to spy on staff

A Romanian court recently ruled that an employer had not breached human rights law when monitoring employee communications. However, UK...

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HR given key role to improve cyber security

The Government and the CIPD are collaborating in a fresh drive to tackle the threat of cyber security in the...

When employees' religious beliefs clash with gay customers' rights: five key cases

When employees’ religious beliefs clash with gay customers’ rights: five key cases

This week, the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal was expected to hear the high-profile case of a bakery accused of...


Top 10 HR questions January 2016: Gender pay gap reporting

Large employers will soon have a duty to report information on their gender pay gap. With much of the detail...


Dismissal of worker who described bosses as “fascist”

An employment tribunal held that an employee on a final warning was fairly dismissed after becoming aggressive during a meeting...

Fancy-dress days can create a sense of fun but how do they affect professionalism?

Play and professionalism at work: boosting engagement while maintaining standards

WEBINAR: Monday 22 February 2016, 11:30am. If having more fun at work can help boost productivity, how can HR encourage the right amount of enjoyment in the organisation while maintaining...


Speaking my language: how accent impacts our opinion of others

Are you guilty of judging someone by their accent? This is just another form of unconscious bias, argues Snéha Khilay,...

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Flexible working is not only about work-life balance

The rationale for flexible working usually focuses on work-life balance. Ben Black, director of My Family Care, says more research...

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