Tribunal watch: £10,000 award for underpaid agency worker

An employment tribunal has awarded a temporary agency worker over £10,000 after she was not paid the same after 12...
Senior judges

Elitist Britain: What can organisations do to improve social mobility?

Earlier this month, a government report revealed how senior public service posts are still dominated by a privately educated elite....

Frances O'Grady

Tribunal claims remain dramatically down for third consecutive quarter

Employment tribunal receipts continue to record a dramatic year-on-year decline, according to the latest round of quarterly statistics from the...


Scottish referendum: what would a “yes” vote mean for employment law in Scotland?

With not long to go until the Scottish independence referendum on 18 September, attention remains focused on currency, economics and...

Mobile recruitment: Recruiting the mobile candidate

Recruiting the mobile candidate (webinar)

Mobile recruitment: Almost half of all jobseekers now search and apply for jobs via a mobile device, according to data from Indeed. But how many employers are geared up to offer on-the-move candidates the best possible experience?

10 disability reasonable adjustments

Disability discrimination: 10 examples of reasonable adjustments in employment

We round up 10 examples of straightforward reasonable adjustments that have arisen in case law.


Back to school: Top 10 tips for employers at the start of the new term

With the sand finally gone from between your toes and the flip flops banished to the back of the wardrobe,...


No More Mr Not-So-Nice Guy: Tools for teaching leaders emotional intelligence

If leadership was simply a job description, or a list of tasks and functional responsibilities, emotional intelligence might not be...

Chuka Umunna. Photo: Ray Tang/REX

Labour government would scrap “unfair” employment tribunal system

A Labour government would completely reform the employment tribunal system the party has announced.
Speaking at the TUC Congress in...

Social media profiles

When is it OK for employers to monitor employee’s social media profiles?

With recent advances in technology, the boundary between an employee’s personal and work life has become blurred. Employees use social...

Shared parental leave

Flexible working requests

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