Employment law changes 2015: shared parental leave will see dads taking more time off to care for new babies

Employment law changes 2015: nine things employers need to know

Every year brings with numerous legislative change and, as our annual round up of employment law changes shows, 2015 is no different.

Obesity can be considered a disability, ECJ rules

Obesity can be considered a disability within European law, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled today.
Ruling on...


Government puts two-year limit on backdated holiday pay claims

The Government has announced that holiday pay claims made since the recent landmark judgment on overtime will only be able...

Unison loses fight to overturn tribunal fees

Unison loses fight to overturn tribunal fees but will appeal

Unison has lost its High Court bid to overturn employment tribunal fees. It had applied for a judicial review at...


Pay rises will be slow to return to growth, XpertHR finds

Pay awards in the three months to the end of November were stuck at 2%, according to data from pay...

An employer's guide to Christmas: office parties, religious discrimination and bonuses

An employer’s guide to Christmas: office parties, religious discrimination and bonuses

Christmas can throw up a number of issues for employers. With Christmas parties, issues surrounding different religions,  holiday requests and...


Employment law: eight cases to look out for in 2015

We round up eight significant employment law decisions expected in 2015, including legal cases pending on collective redundancy consultation and...

Age at work

Age at work: How should employers prepare for an ageing workforce?

Profound changes to the demographic of working people are taking place. Employers should not ignore this and must ask themselves...

Garden leave: Gardening is not obligatory

Garden leave: the employer’s prerogative

Meriel Schindler, head of employment at Withers LLP,  looks at how employers should respond to employee resignations and how to...


Holiday pay and overtime: unanswered questions after Bear Scotland case

Few employers will have missed the publicity surrounding November's ruling...

Shared parental leave

Flexible working requests

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