George Osborne announcing Shares for Rights in 2012. Photo: Bruce Adams / Daily Mail / REX

Could election spell the end for Shares for Rights?

Chris Tutton looks at how the coalition Government’s controversial Shares for Rights scheme has been used since its introduction, and...
The Green Party's Natalie Bennett would like to see the national minimum wage to be £10 per hour by 2020

Election 2015: where do the parties stand on the minimum wage?

In our series of articles considering how election pledges, if realised, could impact employers, we look at how the main...

Parents previously ineligible for ordinary parental leave, with children over five, have become eligible again

Ordinary parental leave from April 2015: what employers need to know

With all the focus on shared parental leave, employers may have missed changes to entitlement to “ordinary” parental leave that...

Does an employee have a right to wear items that display their political beliefs? Photo: Ray Tang/REX

Election 2015: employees’ rights to their opinions

With the UK’s general election looming large, Karen Baxter of UK law firm Lewis Silkin and Sal Simao of US...


Sexual harassment claim highlights zero hours workers’ vulnerability

A zero hours contract worker who feared reporting allegations of sexual harassment by her line manager in case she lost...


E-learning: LinkedIn buys Lynda in biggest acquisition to date

News that LinkedIn had bought e-learning provider Lynda was received positively by industry watchers, but what will it mean for...

video interviews

Video interviews: putting the “screen” into recruitment

Video interviews have been slow to take off, but are now gaining ground thanks to a new cloud-based service, says...


Technostress: are employees running out of battery life?

Technology can enable employees to work on anything, anytime, anywhere. But is over-exposure to ever-changing systems and updates creating a...

Svetlana Lokhova arrives at the tribunal hearing in 2013. Photo: Mark Richards / Daily Mail / REX

Tribunal watch: £3.1m for banker falsely labelled “Ms Cokehead”

An employment tribunal award of £3.1 million has been given to a former banker who was forced out of her...

Easter falling in April this year and in March next year means staff could get 10 bank holidays instead of eight.

Employers run risk of holiday giveaway with annual leave contract wording

Some employees are set to gain additional annual leave as a result of the way that Easter bank holidays fall...

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