60% of young people won’t talk to the boss about career plans

More than half of UK workers are cagey about their career plans, new research has found.

A survey conducted by global HR consultancy, BlessingWhite, found that women tend to be more open then men, with 49% revealing their career goals to their managers, as opposed to 39% of men.

The survey questioned more than 470 employed people in the UK and found younger employees (62% of 16-24 year olds) even less willing to be candid about their career aspirations than their older counterparts.

Tom Barry, UK managing director of BlessingWhite, said younger workers could spend more time focused on action and achievement and not truly considering what they value in a job. Conversely, older workers’ openness about career plans could reflect their focus on achieving goals.

“Instead of simply drifting along in a job, employees of all ages need to take an active role in determining their future career path. Only then can employers can help them to achieve their goals. Managers need a framework for structured, open communication with employees about their careers,” Barry added.

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