A fifth of retired people choose to return to work

More than one in five people in
the UK come out of retirement to go back to work, research reveals.

A survey by Norwich Union founds that 22 per
cent of retired people over the age of 50 return to some kind of full,
part-time or voluntary employment.

The study also finds that the older people get,
the more likely they are to return to work, with as many as 34 per cent of
people aged between 65 and 74 coming out of retirement to find work.

Pensioners are more likely to return to work
for social reasons and because of a desire to keep active rather than for money
– only 4 per cent return to work because they need the money.

Ian Beggs, research director of Norwich Union,
said: "Of those people who have chosen to go back to some form or work,
most have done so out of choice rather than necessity,"

"The feelings generated from retirement
range from freedom, release and ‘the great escape’, to a sense of loss, no
longer feeling like a contributor, and in some cases loss of self-esteem,"
he added.

By Ben

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