A level students end up richer than arts graduates

who studied for an arts degree could be financially better off if they’d quit
full-time education after their A-Levels, new research indicates.

study of around 20,000 people found that arts graduates could be anywhere
between two and 10 per cent financially worse off than those who went into work
with two A-levels.

study by researchers at Warwick and York Universities seems to be at odds with
the Government’s claims that graduates earn an average premium of £400,000
during their lifetime.

the recent findings do show that, on average, graduates will earn £220,000 more
than someone leaving school aged 18 with just A-levels.

from arts graduates, only males with education degrees were worse off
financially than people with just A-levels.

graduates get the best return from a degree course, earning on average 30 per
cent more than others.

Ross Wigham

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