A third of teachers plan to quit

third of England’s teachers expect to be out of teaching within five years, a
major new survey suggests.

poll of 70,000 teachers across England reveals that 35 per cent are likely to
quit teaching within the next five years – promoted by concerns over workload,
bureaucracy and poor discipline.

Adams, chief executive of the General Teaching Council for England (GTC), said:
"Overall, we find too many enthusiastic new teachers, who are mostly young
women graduates, fairly rapidly losing their enthusiasm.

them, within the first five years, initially positive expectations about what
they see as a creative, challenging and rewarding job turn into a wish to move
job and a reluctance to say they would choose teaching again.

should ask honestly why this happens."

than half of those polled said their morale was lower than when they began
teaching and a third would not teach if they had their time again.

By Quentin Reade

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