Acas launches new draft code of practice on discipline and grievance

A new code of practice on discipline and grievance has been launched for consultation by Acas, the advisory and conciliation service.

The new code will ultimately aim to encourage businesses and individuals to resolve disputes internally, saving money and time.

It has been revised to take into account the removal of statutory dismissal and discipline procedures, expected to take place in 2009 when the Employment Bill becomes law.

Pat McFadden, minister for employment relations, said: “The new code is a key element in the government’s plans to streamline and simplify the dispute resolution system to the benefit of employers and employees.

Acas chief executive John Taylor added the key was for business to act early to prevent any long-term consequences.

The revised code is considerably shorter than the existing code and provides basic practical guidance to employers, employees and their representatives to handle disciplinary and grievance situations in the workplace.

The government claims this should simplify the existing legislation in line with the Gibbons Review.

Copies of the draft code can be obtained from the Acas website at and the deadline for comment is 25 July 2008.

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