Aerospace has the best record on training

Aerospace firms have the best training record in UK manufacturing but are
still suffering from skills shortages, according to research.

A survey of the sector by the National Training Organisation for Engineering
Manufacture (EMTA) reveals that 58 per cent of aerospace firms pay for both on
and off-the-job training, compared with the manufacturing industry average of
47 per cent.

The study also reveals that almost half of aerospace companies employ
apprentices compared to an industry average of 38 per cent.

Despite the sector’s efforts to develop staff, the report finds that almost
a quarter of aerospace firms are still suffering from skills shortages.

The study, Aerospace Manufacture Labour Market Observatory, calls for the
national workforce of 150,000 people to be constantly upskilled to keep the UK
aerospace industry ahead of its competition.

It has an annual turnover of £18.25bn and is the largest in Europe. It is
second only to the US in global strength.

Dr Michael Sanderson, EMTA’s chief executive, appealed to UK firms to think
long and hard about laying off experienced staff in the uncertain economic
climate because of difficulties they may face in recruiting, if and when demand

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