Agenda for change

 The balloting results of the 5 May general election are in, but what do they suggest for future UK employment law?

Employment law issues have never so thoroughly dominated the political landscape as they do now, along with the nation’s socio-cultural zeitgeist, if you will: from parental leave, flexible working and working time to pensions, age discrimination and other forms of anti-discrimination legislation, the government finds itself with an extraordinary role to play in determining how we live our lives. We asked key figures in work policy roles with unions and other groups to give us a look inside their crystal balls for the critical issues on the upcoming Labour agenda.

Meanwhile, changes already set in motion are taking hold, such as with recent revisions to the Disability Discrimination Act. Our cover feature explores the latest round of revisions and the potential minefields awaiting unwary employers.

And across the Atlantic, the US government’s post-9/11 response to terror poses significant new lessons in legalese and bureaucratese for employers and business generally. Helen Jerry of Shaw Pittman offers solid advice on the ins and outs of revised requirements for obtaining visas for those non-US employees whom you want to place in key roles in your US operations.

Next month, join us for another in our series of Industry Focus articles, in which we’ll examine employment law issues surfacing in UK media operations.

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