AHHRM changes rules to keep HR chief in her role

Elaine Way is to stay on as president of the NHS HR body, the Association of
Healthcare Human Resource Management (AHHRM), for another year.

The association changed its rules to enable its leader to serve as president
for two years.

A vote at the organisation’s annual conference in Belfast went in favour of
a change to the constitution, allowing the elected president to continue for
two years.

Way said: "I am delighted to have the opportunity to continue the
progress I have made in building relationships with AHHRM members, the media
and the departments of health across the UK."

Way added that one of her priorities will be to complete the research
project she initiated with the backing of the CIPD and the Department of Health
on the link between staff morale and performance. Before the change AHHRM’s
president was only allowed to remain in post for a year and was replaced by a
new candidate at each annual conference.

However, the organisation’s 30,000 members felt that 12 months of service
did not give the president enough time to implement changes or see through the
projects they had launched.

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