AHHRM fears for jobs in private plan

The Government’s plans to expose health and education to private-sector
management and disciplines will threaten public-sector jobs, claims the
Association of Healthcare Human Resource Managers.

secretary John Adsett believes it would be a backward step for the NHS. He
said, "It would be going back to the days of compulsory competitive
tendering and it would be inconsistent with other public-sector initiatives. It
would make public- sector workers’ jobs vulnerable."

The TUC also expressed concerns last week over the implications for
public-sector workers, and claimed it would create a two-tier system of public-
and private-sector employees.

The Labour Party insists that there is no reason why public services cannot
be handed over to private contractors, as long as they could show they would
remain publicly funded, free at the point of delivery and better for the

It has promised to protect workers’ wages and conditions if they find their
jobs are contracted out to the private sector.


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